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Kin Shi-Hai Do (Japanese: The Way of Muscle Control), is something entirely different. It is the art of lifting weights without lifting weights. This system of non-apparatus, muscle building exercise goes back five thousand years or so to the Yoga masters of India. Monks of the Shaolin Temple have been using this form of exercise since the twelfth century, when it was introduced to them by the Buddhist monk, Bodhidharma.

First, my personal experience:

   In five weeks of Kin Shi-Hai Do, I added ¼” to my arms and ½” to my chest. This is significant because after over twenty years of working out, I had pretty well maxed out in size some time ago. I believe these gains were the result of a combination of intense focused energy, and the addition of new exercises to my routine which enabled me to hit my muscles from angles that wouldn't have been possible to do in the past without specialized (and expensive)equipment.

Here’s what I’ve concluded concerning Kin Shi-Hai Do:

   It builds muscle size fast – just as effectively, if not more so, than lifting weights.

   The obvious: No equipment needed. All you need is the space in which you’re standing. You can take your gym with you wherever you go, as it’s already packed.

   No injuries. No sore joints, no tendonitis, no bursitis.

   You have complete control. You can create any exercise you want to hit your muscles from any angle you want.

   Unlike weights, in which the greatest point of resistance is determined by gravity, Kin Shi-Hai Do enables you to maintain maximum resistance throughout the full range of a movement.

   The more you do them, the more proficient you become at them as your mind begins to remember what it feels like when they are performed effectively, especially when you hit those “golden reps”.

   Kin Shi-Hai Do isn’t easy. A workout can be just as exhausting as a full-blown bodyweight/iron workout.

So, what is Kin Shi-Hai Do? It is a system of exercise utilizing muscle contractions. The concept is simple: perform a particular movement while at the same time flexing those muscles that come into play. Muscle growth occurs when muscles are contracted. When you lift a weight, your muscles involuntarily contract. When you perform a Kin Shi-Hai Do movement, you voluntarily contract your muscles, hard, while at the same time moving your limbs, slowly, simulating a weight lifting movement. Now, here’s where the power of the mind comes in. By concentrating and imagining that you are lifting a heavy weight while going through the physical movement, you can actually feel as though you really are lifting that weight. Said weight can come in any form you wish it to be; barbells, granite boulders, hardened concrete, Sherman tanks, whatever. You can even create an exercise machine in your mind’s eye and utilize that. Or, you can envision nothing at all – simply focus on the muscles being worked, feeling the exercise through the entire movement. In short, the key to successfully implementing Kin Shi-Hai Do lies in developing mind/muscle control.

Routines e Exercises:

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Here is a very good video by Scott Herman demonstrating KSHD exercising:

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